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29 October 2018

‘If you’ve got it, haunt it!’

- Unknown -

Halloween, you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it gives you a great excuse to go wild with your hair!

Let’s be honest more often than not it’s the hair that makes or breaks the costume, and while some require a wig others can be done at home.

From mesmerising mermaid to pillaging pirate, unique unicorn to dazzling dragon, here is a collection of hairstyles that will put the treat in trick or treat this Halloween.



Enchantress, mermaids or sirens of the sea, there’s something magical and slightly sinister about these mythical sea dwellers especially at this time of year.


1. Take a tail comb and split your hair into three sections; divided from the top of each temple backwards.

2. Start with the middle (top) section and work into a dutch braid, weaving your tresses from the front of your head back to the crown, securing with a small elastic. Repeat this with the two remaining sections.

3. Volumous, dare we say wild, beach hair is a must for this look, so tease a few wisps out of the braids to stop them looking too ‘done’.

4. For the rest of your loose tendrils, big is best. Give them a spritz with sea salt texturising spray and work through with your fingers. If you need a bit more oomph, get out the curlers and add a few waves.

5. Obviously, no mermaid or siren would be complete without a healthy dose of shimmer! So grab a couple different shades of hair glitter and get creative.


 Unicorn Magic

In recent years, the mystical magic of the unicorn has lured everyone in and we don’t care whether they actually exist because they are fabulous and make for a great Halloween look.

1.Create a triangular section at the front of your head. Taking sections from your temples and gathering to a point at your crown.

2. Tie this section into a pony and secure with an elastic towards the front of your head.

3. Take the tail and wrap around the elastic a couple of times securing with a few bobby pins, also give it a healthy mist of hairspray for good measure.

4. Taking the rest of the tail in hand, start to work into a horn shape, spraying with hairspray as you go to keep it in place.

5. For extra security, bend a kirby grip into a hook to keep it in place. Then give a final spray of hairspray for maximum hold.

6. Scoop the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, wrapping a strand around the elastic to disguise it.

7. Add a few curls to create movement and spray with a pastel coloured hairspray.


Pirate’s Life

If you don’t fancy yourself as Ariel? Then, why not go for more of a Jack Sparrow vibe with this pirate look? It’s all about texture.

1. Start by spraying your wet locks with a sea salt texture spray to create that windswept, sea air, just stepped off your ship vibe.

2. Blow-dry your hair using your fingers to scrunch as you go to keep it unpolished. You’re aiming for a slightly messy look.

3. Time to backcomb. Take small sections, backcombing the roots then smoothing back over.

4. Take a random section of hair and weave into a standard three-strand braid, backcombing the end to secure it in place.

5. Grab another section and work into a fishtail braid, again backcombing the end.

6. For the final braid, plait some hair into a rope braid by splitting the hair into two parts and wrap around each other before backcombing to secure.

7. Create a final classic three-strand plait, but stop halfway down the length of the hair and tie in a loose knot.

8. Grab that trusty hairspray and spritz your plaits before loosening up with your fingers for that lived-in look. Lift the roots and give a spray to create volume.


 Daring Dragon

Is your best friend going as the Mother of Dragons this Halloween? Why not rock this style and go as one of her dragons?

1. Begin with sectioning your hair into three pieces, keeping the segments as neat as possible.

2. Back to braiding; take your pick from either a French or a Dutch plait. Start at the front of your hairline and work to the back of your head, securing with an elastic at the nape of your neck for each section.

3. You will be left with three ponytails, divide these in half and plait each one as normal, stopping halfway down and securing with more elastics.

4. Time to sparkle! Grab yourself some glitter and work into the partings between the braids, while you’re at it why not add some to the ends as well!


Tip: a Dutch braid will sit higher off the head and can be styled to create volume, a french braid will sit tighter against the scalp and give a neater finish.


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18 July 2018
Love Island Hairspiration

‘If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.’

- Iris Apfel -


Let’s face it; Love Island has had most of the nation glued to their TV for the last few weeks, we all love the trials and tribulations the Islanders go through.

However, there is another reason to tune in, and that is to see what the glamorous girls are up to style-wise. We want to see what they are wearing from their bikinis to their blusher and their high heels to their hairstyles; they are providing women with this year’s summer style inspiration.

Check out our tips on how to achieve some of our favourite hairstyles for yourself:


Messy Bun Fun

We love that effortless fail-safe look that can take you from the boardroom to the bar on a Friday.

Start by prepping your hair with a volumising product such as Tigi Bedhead big volume boosting mousse before blow-drying.

Bundle your tresses up into a high pony, on the final loop of your hair elastic pull hair halfway through then secure with those elusive bobby pins.

Finally, tease out a couple of tendrils around your hairline to soften the look.

Take a look at the style here



Make it Bounce

Fancy leaving your luscious locks down and free? Why not try polished bouncy curls for a healthy dose of glamour.

As we know, it’s all about the preparation, so massage in some Sebastian Professional Dark Oil which will give your hair extra hold and shine. Alternatively, if your hair does not hold curls at all use a little Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel for a look that holds!

Once blow-dried start taking large sections of hair (about one inch) and wrap around a big barrel curling wand, or use your straighteners if you prefer.

Give your curls a little mist of hairspray to stop them from dropping out.

Take a look at the style here



Flak Attack - Beach Waves

Caroline Flak’s classic beachy waves hairstyle always looks effortlessly chic and is the style most women want to emulate throughout the summer.

For this, you are going to need to use Tigi Catwalk root boost spray on your wet hair to give it a little extra oomph and a stronger hold before you blow-dry.

Then take your choice of curling wand or straighteners to create a loose wave being sure to leave the ends straight to give a more relaxed look. Once the curls have completely cooled, give your head a little shake or lightly tease your fingers through to break them up before setting with a spritz of hairspray.

Take a look at the style here.



Pimped up Ponytail

This look works on any hair texture.

If you are starting with freshly washed hair add in a little Moroccanoil Root Boost, to give a little grip to your hair.

Take a section running from the hairline to the crown about four inches wide. Tie the rest of your hair up at the nape of your neck, to keep it out of the way while you braid.

Now it’s time to get plaiting; a German braid works best for this look as it stands out.

Separate your hair into three sections, starting at the hairline working backwards. Think of this method as an inverted French braid, weave the left piece of hair under the centre followed by weaving the right piece under the centre. Pick up pieces of hair from your section as you go along, stopping at the crown.

Secure your plait with an elastic.

Remove your low pony, and sweep your hair up into mid to high ponytail and secure.

 Take a look at the style here.



Half-Up with Braid

Want to keep the hair off your face in the heat, but still keep some of your locks flowing around your shoulders? This is the look for you.

Again, if you are starting with wet hair, work in some of that Sebastian Professional Volupt spray to give it a little oomph.

Start by parting your hair in the centre, then take two sections, one from either side of your parting.

Weave each section into German braids, using the method above, stopping at your crown.

Scoop up the top half of your hair and work into a messy bun.

 Take a look at the style here.



Double Trouble - French Braid

We all have those days when we wake up late and don’t have time to wash and blow-dry our hair, or don’t feel emotionally prepared to do so! This is the perfect look for such times as it works best on day-old hair.

However, if you are working with silky, soft, clean hair work in some texturising product into wet hair such as Sebastian Professional Volupt spray.

For this style, you have a choice of a German braid as before, or for a change of pace, you could try a French plait.

Split your hair in a centre parting and get braiding!

For a French plait, you will do the reverse of a German braid, starting at your hairline take three pieces of hair weaving the left over the centre followed by the right; as you move down collect small sections of hair on each side.

Secure with a band at the nape of the neck.

 Take a look at the style here. 



Wynne & Wynne Teach

Here at Wynne and Wynne, we offer one-to-one hairstyle sessions at a time that suits you. Whether you want to learn how to get that salon blow-dry at home or want to learn how to do the perfect braid, our stylists are here ready to teach.

Call us on 740401 to make an appointment


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04 June 2018
Bridal Bootcamp for your Hair

‘Every bride is beautiful; it’s like newborn babies or puppies they can’t help it.’

- Emme Rollins -


Wedding season is in full swing, as seen by the recent Royal wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

We think we can all agree that Meghan looked beautiful, with her luscious locks beautifully swept into a simple up-do.

When it comes to wedding hair, having your tresses perfectly prepped and cared for is key to achieving gorgeous, shiny photo-worthy hair.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a heads up on the prep work you might want to consider whether you are one month or one week away from your big day.


One Month To Go:

Texture Control 

If your hair is naturally frizzy and unruly, schedule an in-salon keratin smoothing treatment.

This chemical treatment will help to tame your tresses making styling for your big day easier, bye-bye flyaway strands! By having this a month ahead, your hair’s texture will be under control but won’t fall flat on the day.

As an added bonus, with Keratin treatments lasting between three and six months, it’ll be easier to maintain your mane on honeymoon!


Two Week Countdown:

What does your hair need? 

Your hair's needs will depend on the style you are going to be sporting as you sashay down the aisle.

If you are going for an up-do, skip the at-home hair treatments. It is much easier to work with hair that is slightly more textured, and that hasn’t been overly conditioned. However if you think your hair needs a little extra oomph, we have some gorgeous volume cream treatments available.

Going in the opposite direction and wearing your hair down or half-up? Then you will want to stock up on the conditioner, hair masks and oils to ensure your strands look as healthy as possible. If you really want to spoil your hair then you can always book in for an in-salon deep conditioning treatment, it is your wedding after all!


Colour Touch Up

You may think getting your colour redone two weeks before the big day is a bit too far in advance, but getting it touched up then will allow the dye to settle in, while still looking fresh a couple of weeks later.

You will have already sorted out what shade works best for you with your stylist, and probably have a colour you always have and love, stick with it as you need to be feeling your gorgeous, confident self.

Don’t be tempted by big colour changes now! Whether it’s a root touch up, balayage refresh or a set of subtle highlights, your hair will be given a new lease of life. 

If you don’t have your hair coloured, don’t worry we have a clear gloss treatment, which will give your hair that extra shine without additional tone from a colour treatment. You will still need to have a skin patch test 48 hours prior.


The Final Countdown, One Week to Go:

Trim it, don’t cut it!

Just like your colour, we would never recommend a drastic hair change in the final run-up to a wedding.

Emotions are running high, as are stress levels, the smallest of things could set off a full-on bridal meltdown. However to ensure there are no pesky split ends threatening to cause hair chaos, head in to see your trusted stylist for a light trimming of the ends and fringe.

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06 April 2018
How to Save your Hair from Yourself

‘Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.’

- Unknown -


We love our hair, after all, it is the crown we never take off; we wash it, condition it, brush it, style it and colour it to name a few preening activities. Before we know it, our hair starts to show signs of damage, everything from frizziness and thinning to dullness and split ends.


Unbeknown to most of us, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to hair damage. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you could be troubling your tresses and how you can rectify them.


Save the Suds


Your hair only needs to be washed as often as is absolutely necessary, which tends to be every two to three days; any more often than that and you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural protective oils.


Obviously, if you work out a lot, you may well feel the need to wash your hair more frequently. If this is the case rinse, your hair with water, scrub your scalp and condition the ends. Of course, dry shampoo is always an option for a quick freshen up.


Condition Deeply


Treating our tresses to a nourishing mask is a step that many of us skip. Just because we say it’s a treat doesn’t mean you should only do it once a month. Much like you might have a cheat day of the week where you overindulge, be sure to do the same for your hair.


It is pretty much a given that if you have colour-treated hair, you should be applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will not only help to seal in your colour, but also protect it from further damage and give it a healthy glow.


The Brush Off


You’ve just stepped out of the shower, you’re in a hurry, and you need to detangle your hair; naturally, you reach for your hairbrush - stop! Wet hair is a lot weaker than dry hair, so it must be treated carefully, dragging a brush through it is going to do more harm than good.


One solution to this is to brush your dry hair ahead of washing to remove some of the tangles and air out your roots. Alternatively, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your strands following your shower. Be sure to start at the ends working out the knots on your way up to the root.


Can’t Stand the Heat


Another step that often gets skipped when it comes to styling hair is the use of heat protection products. Just like you wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, go out in the hot summer sun without suncream on; you should avoid using hot styling tools without first protecting your hair.


A heat protection spray proactively protects your hair from heat damage while sealing in shine, calming frizz and stopping your hair from overly drying out.


All Tied Up


Tying your hair up is inevitable, whether it's for the gym, an event or just to keep it out of the way, so we aren’t going to tell you not to do it. What we will say is do everything in moderation and be smart about it.


Continually tying your hair up in the same place weakens the area where the elastic goes and can cause breakage. Switch it up sometimes, maybe go for a top knot or loose side plait instead of your usual high pony.


The same goes for when you’re in bed, many of us like to wear our hair up and out of the way, especially in the summer months. If so, swap your usual everyday hairband for a loose scrunchie or wrap your hair in a silk bandana.


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02 February 2018
Valentine’s Day: Desk to Date Hairstyles

‘Fabulousity with a dash of irresistibility.’

- Miss Piggy -


This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, so you might find yourself heading out straight from your desk to your date; leaving little time to style your hair.


Here are four hairstyles that will have you romance ready in no time:


Free the Pony


If your hair has been tied back all day, take it down and spritz the roots with Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo; shake it out to bring it back to life. Next up, perform a quick hair flip and smooth your strands using a paddle brush before flipping your head upright. Give your hair a couple of spritzes of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine. You are good to go.


Rework the Pony


If you can’t leave it down because your hair has the dreaded crease from being tied up all day, why not give your pony a quick revamp?


Take it down and then french-braid your hair, starting two inches back from your hairline and finishing at the midpoint of the back of your head. Gather the end of the plait with the rest of your hair and secure in a pony with a clear elastic.


If you have fine hair and need a little more control and oomph, pre-braid. Apply a pea-sized amount of Moroccanoil Root Boost to the top section of your hair and then braid.


Soft Waves on the Go


Wake up late, and quickly throw your slightly damp hair up into a messy bun for work? Don’t worry, all is not lost. By the time it comes to get date-ready, you should have perfectly imperfect loose waves when you take your hair down.


Spray a fine mist of Moroccanoil Curl Re Energising Spray over your curls to give them a bit of life and stop them dropping out half-way through the night.


Fail-Safe Fishtail Braid


If your hair is creased from being tied up all day or has fallen a bit flat and lifeless from being down, the fishtail braid is the style for you.


Start by adding a little extra texture by applying Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray from the middle of your strands to the ends. Start (fishtail) braiding your hair, once done secure it with a clear elastic then use a comb or bristle brush to rough up the braid slightly. Pull out some face-framing tendrils to give you that sexy laidback look.


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05 January 2018
New Year, New Hair, New You.
‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’
- Coco Chanel -

If you are all about ‘New Year, New You’, what better place to begin than your hair? Okay, so if you think that’s a bit cheesy, ask yourself, is there a better way to kickstart 2018 than with a new look? No, we didn’t think so either.

Let’s be honest, once the festivities are over there can be a bit of a lull where you just feel a little bit ‘meh’ and want to hibernate. However, a new haircut or style has the power to revive your slumbering sassiness, so you are ready to enter a new year of fabulousness.

We thought we would give you three ideas to help fire up your style inspiration for 2018:

Shoulders Above the Rest

A shoulder-length hairstyle is possibly one of the easiest lengths to pull off and the perfect choice for those testing the waters in the realm of short hair.

Not as daunting as a shorter cut, and without the styling upkeep of a longer length, shoulder-length styles are incredibly flattering and work with any texture from tight curls to poker straight.

The Bob is Back

A classic style that will never go out of date, when a bob-cut is done well it can almost suit any hair type.

If you’re worried you won’t have as much versatility with a bob don’t be; you can quickly transform your style. Bobs look great with beachy waves or poker straight hair and retro curls or extra volume can add a different dynamic.

Pixie Dust

For those who want a drastic change, the pixie crop is for you. Although taking that plunge is undoubtedly terrifying it can also be incredibly liberating as you no longer need to spend more than five or ten minutes styling your hair.

It is a common misconception that only specific face shapes suit a pixie crop. However, there is a whole range of cuts that will flatter anyone. From slightly longer styles with sweeping fringes or face-framing tendrils to super short with an undercut or buzz cut, you’re bound to find something to suit your personal style.

If you would like to change up your look, please contact the salon to make an appointment, and one of our stylists would be happy to help make your hair dreams come true.
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14 December 2017
Four ways to Sparkle this Christmas
‘She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne.’
- Kate Spade -


If there was ever a time to spray the glitter in the name of glamour, Christmas and New Year is it. Whether you are applying a light dusting to your face or donning your favourite sequinned number; a bit of glitz is the perfect way to complete your party look.
The question is how do you go about applying it to your hair, and more importantly getting it out the next day? Luckily Santa’s Little Helper is here to give you a little glitter-guidance to ensure you shine this festive period.
Glitter Essentials:
  • Glitter(s) of choice
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairspray
  • Gel
  • Flat paintbrush


  1. Prep your hair with a light spritzing of dry shampoo but don’t comb out, as this will stop the glitter from getting stuck to your scalp. Just use a little amount so it isn’t too noticeable, don’t worry it will be covered by the sparkles.
  2. Part/style your hair as planned.
  3. Spray the intended glitter zone with two or three rounds of hairspray.
  4. Using a flat brush, mix about a teaspoon of glitter with a dab of your hair gel.
  5. Apply to the hair being sure not to work it into the strands, instead try to pat it on. This will make it easier to layer up the look if needed and less hassle to wash out.
  6. Let the gel dry and repeat if you need a bit more glitter magic.
  7. Once happy, seal it with a bit of hairspray and you are ready to go shimmy.


  1. Separate the glittered strands from the rest of your hair and apply conditioner.
  2. Comb through with a fine tooth comb and rinse - you may have to repeat this depending on the amount of glitter involved.
  3. Wash hair as normal.


Seeing as it is Christmas we thought we’d also give you four scintillating ideas to inspire you to embrace the shimmer. After all, 'tis the season to sparkle!
Starry Night
Don’t want to commit to the mess that accompanies full-on glitter? Go for some star confetti sprinkled in your hair and held in place with hairspray.


Show Pony
For a sophisticated sparkle update on a classic style; simply coat the tip of your ponytail with glitter or a metallic hair paint.


Gilded Beauty
Give a gentle nod to this dazzling trend by painting your parting gold. This dainty touch of glitz will add shine to your mane and is sure to catch admiring glances from party-goers.


Radiant Roots
Glitter roots have been a big trend throughout 2017, so what better hairstyle to see in the New Year?
How close to full-on glitter ball you go, is firmly in your hands with this look. For a more intense result, layer up your glitter or use a high pigment glitter. Don’t feel you have to stick with just the roots, you can also extend the glitter down through sections of your hair.


Content Manager •
28 November 2017
Winter Hair Care

It is no secret that the winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin, so why should your hair be any different?

During the summer months, you tend to ‘up’ your haircare routine, ensuring you moisturise and protect your hair from any sun damage. The same rules should apply during winter time, as the cold winds and indoor heating can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.

Here’s some Wynne wisdom to help keep your hair wonderful this winter:


Save your shampoo

Reduce how often you wash your hair each week, as shampooing not only removes the dirt from your hair but can also wash away the natural oil that moisturises your scalp. If you wash your hair every day, try to cut down to every other day or maybe just a couple of times a week. In between washes use a dry shampoo to absorb some of the excess oils.


Cool Off

There is nothing better than a hot shower on a cold winter's day, but hot water is not good for your hair. Turn down the temperature and shower in warm water.


Moisturise and Condition

You may not want to add extra oil to your hair, but trust us it will help keep those locks shiny and healthy! We use the Morrocanoil range in salon, their treatment argan oil can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Massage into your hair ahead of styling for extra nourishment and shine.

Also, ensure that you use a conditioner after you shampoo to maximise moisture and minimise breakage.


Keep it Simple

The more you fuss over your hair, the more prone it is to break and develop split-ends. Try to minimise running your fingers through your hair or combing it throughout the day. Style your hair so that once it is done, you don’t need to do much else with it.


Leave your hat on

Hat’s aren't just to keep you warm over the winter, they can also protect your hair from the cold and wind! If you are worried about static electricity in your hair our handy tip is to carry a dryer sheet in your bag to run over your hair; that should tame any frizz!


‘A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat.’

- Virginia Graham -

Content Manager •
01 November 2017
Tips to Consider Before Going Red this Autumn.

As the seasons change and those gorgeous autumnal colours start coming through, some of you may well be using those hues as inspiration for updating your hair colour this autumn.

If you are thinking of switching up your look to rock the red or awesome auburn shades, there are a few things to consider:


Who is your hair colour inspiration?

A picture is worth a thousand words, copper may mean one thing to you and something entirely different to your hairstylist. Find a photo of the celebrity, model or person whose hair colour you wish to emulate and take with you to your appointment. Also if there's different lighting in the photo, be sure to point to the part of the picture with the red you want.

As always we cannot guarantee that we will be able to colour match exactly to the photo you bring in as it depends on the colour and condition of your hair at the time of the appointment.


Your skin tone.

When picking the right shade of red make sure to check with your hairstylist which hue would suit your skin colour, the following provide a good basis to go from:


Porcelain skin (i.e. fair with pink undertones): Coppery blonde will light up your creamy skin and makes features pop.

Fair but neutral or with yellow undertones: Soft auburn with hints of copper and gold

Fair ladies with a warm tone: Light, golden brown with hints of mahogany


Because there’s more pigment in your skin, your complexion can manage deeper, warmer red hair hues with ease; try a rich auburn, with hints of copper and gold.

If you have olive skin, consider a mahogany brown with hints of gold


If you have dark skin, you have more choice so if you’re looking for a more natural look, your best bets are dark auburn to deep golden brown with hints of mahogany. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, look for a deeper, redder mahogany, or a bright red - think Rihanna red.


Color-protecting products will make or break you.

The biggest worry about becoming a redhead is the colour fading, so you have to ensure your home haircare routine is up to scratch. You don’t want to use any harsh products that will strip your hair of your fabulous new colour.

Here in the salon we sell a range of hair care products that will leave your red hair glossy and fresh:

System Professional;

Colour Save Shampoo

Apply to hair and shampoo as normal.

Colour Save Conditioner

Apply after shampooing, leave for 30 seconds before emulsifying and rinsing.

Colour Save Mask

Apply to your hair avoiding the scalp, gently massage, leave for 5 - 10 minutes before emulsifying and rinsing. This will nourish your hair and reduce colour fade.

Colour Save Bi-Phase Conditioner

Comb through damp hair then style as normal for added protection.

Colour Save Fluid

Comb through damp hair then style as normal to ensure softness and shine.

Colour Save Shimmering Spray

Mist over your hair to finish off the look and add extra shine.

We also have the Revlon Nutri Colour system for you to take home, which will keep you red locks looking vibrant in between salon appointments.


It's going to be high-maintenance.

It will inevitably fade despite your best home hair care efforts, so you will be looking at heading to the salon every four to six weeks for a touch up whether that's a re-gloss, toner or full on colour.

‘Love is that little girl with red hair.’

- Charlie Brown-

Content Manager •
09 October 2017
Model Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2017

‘You have to have fun with your hair. It’s a great accessory - play with it!’

- Serge Normant -


September saw models taking to the catwalk for Fashion Week styled in everything from Chanel to Gucci and Topshop to Victoria Beckham providing plenty of hair inspiration to update your look.

Here are some of our favourites taken straight from the catwalk that you can achieve at home:


Stretched Out Waves

The tight spiral curls of spring/summer are gone, this season it is all about laid-back, relaxed, loose waves. Use a large barrel curling tong and wrap various sections of hair around the barrel, being sure to leave the ends out. While the curls are still slightly warm, run your fingers through your hair and shake the curls out slightly so that they aren’t so defined.


Deep Side Part

A classic at fashion week, although this season it has taken on a slightly more relaxed style, with hairstylists leaving the main body of hair down around the shoulders to softly frame the face. If you want extra volume part your hair on the opposite side to normal, smooth the roots and secure with plenty of hairspray.


New Generation Ponytail

Another style that never fails to make an appearance on the catwalk is, the low ponytail with stylists mixing things up this season. This look lends itself to fun and versatility, as long as your hair is tied at the nape of your neck, you can accessorise, twist or wear your low pony to the side to suit your style.


Slicked Back

Stylists have taken inspiration from Spring/Summer and given it a laidback refresh. This is a bold look that is perfect for vamping it up on a night out but can sometimes look a little harsh. For Autumn Winter, slick your hair back with your favourite gel or wax and then push the crown of your hair back slightly to create height. Lastly keep the body of your hair loose, with a bit of movement and drape over your shoulders to soften.


Retro Accessories

Whether you're channelling your inner Carrie Bradshaw by helping to bring back the scrunchie, or are more akin with Blair Waldorf’s headbands, this season's accessories have gone retro. Whether it’s faux fur, crystal-encrusted, sporty, floral or plain black leather, you will be able to find something that enhances your hair and suits your style this season.


Content Manager •
25 August 2017
Back to School - Hair Tips for Busy Mums on the go

With the new school term coming up, we’ll see images of all the glamorous celebrity mums styled to perfection as they head out on the school/nursery run, this can leave many women feeling the pressure to do the same. However, when your time is taken up by a young family, work and life in general, sometimes your hair is the last thing on your to-do list so we thought we would help with our top five time-saving tips for busy mummies.


‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ - Coco Chanel

Dry Shampoo to the rescue:

There is a reason why this product is a staple in any woman’s bathroom, dressing table, handbag or baby bag; it is the solution to all our unwashed hair dilemmas. Most people think it is enough to simply spray and leave it do its thing, however, this can make your hair look even limper and lifeless. Instead vigorously rub the dry shampoo into the roots, to activate the product and achieve a blow dry feel.


Mask the split ends:

Is your hair feeling a bit dry and in need of a trim, but you just don’t have time to go to the hairdressers? Postpone your next appointment with a bit of multitasking! Once you’ve had a (quick) shower and washed your hair, pop on a hair mask and tie your hair up in a bun. This will give you chance to run around the house, finishing off those little jobs before you have to rinse it off!


The Mum Bun:

Nevermind the man bun; it’s all about the mum bun! Let's face it, life is sometimes easier when your hair is off your face and out the way, and the best thing about this hairstyle is that the messier, the better. Twist your hair around itself before securing with an invisibobble which will keep kinks to a minimum.


Leave in Conditioner - your new hero product:

If you find that the days when you had time for a long lather, rinse repeat hair routine are gone, then a leave in conditioner is the way forward. It is your hair’s answer to moisturiser; protecting it from the elements while helping to tame that pesky frizz. Apply to the hair and blow dry as usual, if you have time but if not, air dry for that no fuss, frizz free look.


Low maintenance colour:

Do you shudder every time you look in the mirror and are faced with grown out roots that you simply don’t have time to fix now that life got a little more hectic? Well, why not opt for one of the more subtle colouring techniques such as ombre or balayage, which make it harder to determine whether you’ve gone a bit blonder, darker, warmer etc. Leaving you with root free hair that looks natural, leaving you every inch the yummy mummy.

Content Manager •
10 August 2017
Summer Hair Perfection

Now that summer is in full swing most people are jetting off on holiday or hitting the beach. Either way, you wouldn’t dream of going off on a sun filled holiday or heading to the beach without taking a bottle of sun cream to protect your skin, so why forget about your hair?

Sunshine and swimming in the sea or a chlorine pool can play havoc with your hair, leaving the healthiest, glossiest hair in a bit of a frazzled mess when left at the mercy of the elements.

With that in mind here are some of our top tips to help keep your mane looking gorgeous and photo ready for all those holiday snaps!


The sun will naturally lift your hair colour, meaning it’ll lighten up a couple of shades more, so ask your hairdresser to make your highlights a couple of shades darker during your pre-holiday appointment.


Book in for a trim, to remove any dry or split ends as they are especially prone to damage.


You should always make sure your hair is in peak condition by treating it to regular deep conditioning treatments, this is especially important in the few weeks leading up to your holiday as well as ensuring to continue the treatments every couple of days while you are away to maintain the hair’s moisture levels. Morrocanoil has some fabulous treatments which are available in the salon, they also come in travel size.


The sun’s UV rays can damage your hair as well as your skin, especially if it is highlighted or coloured. Covering up with a hat or scarf when out in the sun is the best way to protect it from damage.


Sunscreen isn’t just for the skin, there are many hair care products out there that can protect your hair against damage. We have a fabulous sun range in the salon from System Professional which come in handy travel sizes, perfect for your holiday.


Salt water and chlorine can dry out your hair, so give it a quick rinse once you’ve stepped out the water. If there are no shower facilities around, you could always use bottled water. When you do have the chance to wash your hair properly use a cleansing shampoo, we have a couple of great ones in our System Professional and Morrocanoil ranges.


If your hair is prone to frizziness in a humid climate, don’t attempt to straighten it into submission as this will just damage it more. Embrace the waves and curls by applying a good water-soluble styling wax or cream.


This season's trend of plaits are a perfect for keeping your hair under control and out the way when you're sitting on the beach or relaxing by the pool, see last month's blog for braiding inspiration.

‘Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.’ - Emerson

Content Manager •
30 June 2017
Festival Fever

Festival season is in full swing and with the Sark Folk Festival taking place this weekend, we thought we would give you our top five favourite festival hairstyles to give a go this summer!



These are a great choice for the first day of the festival, and will have you looking super chic as well as keeping you cool while you dance in hot or wet conditions depending on the weather! You can go for super neat braids or a more relaxed look, the messier they get throughout the day, the better they will look.



Bringing back a ‘90’s classic for 2017, think Baby Spice or Miley Cyrus. You could wear all or half your hair up or alternatively pair the look with braids or a zig-zag part. 



Glitter is now all the rage at festivals and what better way to disguise unwashed roots on the second or third day of camping than to cover them in glitter?  The glitterier and funkier the better, this looks great with a zig-zag parting or with your dutch braids.

Mix the glitter with some hair gel to make sure it stays put, we have a great range of TIGI products in the salon that can help.



This trend is huge for festivals this year, think braids on braids. Dutch braids mixed with fishtail braids mixed with cornrow braids...the list goes on! Perfect for camping when you can’t wash your hair everyday, embrace the messy, gritty look.



This classic style will never go out of fashion and if you’ve been rocking braids throughout the first couple days of the festival, why not let your hair down for the last day as the braids will give your locks a lovely wave. 

We have the perfect product in the salon, Morrocanoil Beach Wave Mousse will keep your hair frizz free while keeping your waves in place. Plus if your roots are in need of a little refresh by day three we have three different dry shampoos for you to choose from, Light tones moroccan oil, Dark tones moroccan oil and Oh beehive tigi



Get creative, you’re not only limited to your trusty flower crown. Try adding a few charms to your braids, or weave ribbon or leather through your hair, or some fresh flowers. Head scarves, hats and head pieces are all encouraged, this is your chance to release the inner festival boho chic! Or if you fancy some feathers, pop in the salon to see one of our stylists who would be happy to add them to your hair.

Content Manager •
31 May 2017
Can your hair colour make you look younger?

When you think of anti-ageing we’ll bet your mind gravitates towards the latest skincare products, or you start googling clever makeup techniques. However the biggest anti-ageing secret of all has everything to do with your hair colour.

So while you've been busy focusing on treating your skin with anti-ageing masks and serums, you might not have noticed that your ashy blonde hair or a too-dark brunette colour could be undoing all your hard work.

Fortunately, there are a few hair colour choices that can trick everyone into thinking you're way younger than you are.


This is a great option for brunettes looking for an easy change that isn't too extreme, adding caramel highlights can help to warm and soften facial features. Plus, this look adds dimension to the hair, making it appear as voluminous as it was a decade ago.

This look is youthful, low maintenance and re-creatable, plus, due to the soft ‘grow-out’ you can have your highlights done every few months and touch up the roots in between.

Ask the stylist: For balayage highlights


If you have lighter hair that's on the ashy side, consider venturing into warmer territory—think strawberry blonde.

Adding warm shades of blonde, think honey and buttery hues will give the skin tone and complexion a youthful glow.

Ask the stylist: For a gloss every six weeks or so to keep the reddish hues bright.


Adding brightness and contrast to your hair is key to looking as youthful as possible. You don’t want a colour that’s too monotone, instead focus on bringing brightness and light to your face, to make your skin really glow.

Ask the stylist: For ombre - subtle graduation from dark roots to bright tips


This fresh and modern shade involves a darker base and warm blonde highlights that are a couple of shades lighter than your base colour, this will achieve a natural bright look.

Ask the stylist: For a combination of foil and balayage highlights

Content Manager •
10 May 2017
Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

As Bobbi Brown said “On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”.


We couldn’t agree more, and understand that finding the right hairstyle for your wedding can be stressful. With that in mind we thought we would share a few of our favourites with you.



Forever one of the chicest bridal hairstyles, the low ponytail is versatile with 24-hour staying power. For a polished look go for a middle parting, smoothed back and secured at the nape of the neck. Or if effortless is more your vibe, ask for loose waves to be tied back with a few loose tendrils left around the face.



Braids are a big hair trend for 2017 and make the perfect wedding hairstyle. For a laidback look, channel your inner disney princess with a side fishtail braid leaving a few loose strands framing your face. Alternatively dutch braids look gorgeous with a few flowers weaved through.



Hair ups are always popular with brides and this year sees the revival of the beehive, which is perfect for those channeling a retro feel on the big day. Finish the look with a ribbon matching your colour theme around the top. A more modern take on this look is the top knot, if you want to add a little sparkle they look great coupled with a bun cuff.



This style offers you the best of both worlds, have the top portion of your hair twisted or braided, can have ribbon or flowers entwined throughout. Paired with soft waves it is the perfect look for the boho bride.



If you never wear your hair up, why change that for your big day. Whether you want to keep it poker straight or go for corkscrew curls. We can help make sure that your style stays frizz free and that curls don’t fall out halfway through the day. This look can look lovely with a flower crown or a halo headband.


Content Manager •
31 March 2017
What’s hot in 2017

We see different hair trends emerging every year, whether they’re a throwback to previous decades or taking inspiration from the hottest celebrity on the block.

With Spring around the corner, we’ve already started to take note of the latest must-do’s and we’re happy to share them with you here, whether you’re looking for a change or just intrigued by what you’ll be seeing on the high street, we’ve got our finger on the pulse.


Super sleek

If hair straighteners are your best friend then you’ll be thrilled to hear that super sleek hair is bang on trend for 2017. The smoother the better so if your tresses need a bit of convincing to play ball make sure you stock up on serums and taming products to keep your locks in line. Take inspiration from the SS17 catwalks or fashion pin-ups Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid who are already big fans.


Fake perm

At the other end of the spectrum, corkscrew curls are having a proper moment thanks to celebs like Rihanna who have been papped sporting the perfect faux-perm. If you’re a fan of a low-maintenance ‘do’ then this is perfect for you as it’s easy to achieve with just some texturising spray and a small curling wand. Corkscrew curls also improve with age, so if you’re not into daily styling this style will love you back.


Fringe benefits

If you’ve been thinking of giving a fringe a go, or have already started experimenting with growing yours out then you’ll be pleased to hear that messy fringes are back! It’s all about the shaggy Bardot-look so don’t worry about maintenance as this trend will really deliver a different look regardless of your hair length and texture. Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung have been flying the fringe flag for a while so check out their look for celebrity inspiration.


Bling bangs

The AW17 catwalks were all about bejewelled clips, proving that bling isn’t just for Christmas. A statement slide to one side or multiple mis-matched jewels all over will ensure you’re a dedicated follower of this year’s fashion. Don’t worry if you have short hair, or thin hair that can’t normally support accessories, a top tip is to use dry shampoo on slightly dirty hair, which will help to keep everything in place, or add them to a messy bun.

Go green
Not just for the health conscious, green hair was gaining momentum at the end of 2016 and looks likely to stay well into this year. Thanks to celebrity fans like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, has already been rocking the fashion world. The shade can work regardless of your natural colour but a good top tip is to make it look expensive by opting for emerald or metallic shades. 

Content Manager •
17 March 2017
❄️Icy blondes❄️

This colour is very sort after but there are a few things that are good to know before you go ahead, here are our top tips:

1) Condition is the most important thing
Although we now have incredible products such as Olaplex to help us achieve these beautiful colours whilst strengthening your hair, we still take great care deciding if this look is right for your hair condition. 

2) Home care is a must
A previous link we shared showed the difference between professional hair care vs drugstore products and it's quite shocking, it wouldn't take long for your pretty blonde to be washed down the drain so professional products are a must! 

3) Your natural hair colour
The darker your natural hair the more difficult this is to achieve, certainly on one sitting anyway, so take into consideration the cost to achieve this look. 

4) Previously coloured hair
Any previous colour on the hair can also affect the steps needed to get you to an icy blonde which may require more than one appointment, always have a consultation before beginning treatment to discuss the steps you will need to take

5) Maintenance
It's worth noting that it can be pretty high maintenance keeping the icy look so you may need to involve a toner in between appointments.

So lots to think about before you decide on this colour!
We offer FREE consultations in the salon to offer help and advice and talk through what you want from your hair colour or cut.

Call us today 740401

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01 March 2017
Beautiful hair ‘Decoded’ with Wella Salon Professional

Here at Wynne & Wynne we pride ourselves on getting to know the unique needs of every client.


We understand that everyone has their own style and needs a personalised service that suits their individual hair type. A big part of our job is keeping up to speed with the latest trends and products hitting the market so that we can share these with our clients - and keep you looking fabulous!


Earlier this month, we were pleased to catch up with our Wella Rep, Geni, who introduced us to some fab new additions to their System Professional collection. The range has been around since the 70s, so you might say it’s pretty iconic, but they’re always keen to innovate and every training session brings us something new.


This month’s focus was all about the science of haircare, although there was no need to don our white coats! Inspired by molecular skin care, Wella’s scientists have discovered that each person's hair has a unique energy profile, which they call EnergyCode. By balancing ingredients in specifically targeted concentrations throughout the System Professional range, Wella has been able to offer a deeper level of hair technology so that, whatever your problem area, hair is transformed and re-energised by matching its code to the right product.


Not only is the new packaging super stylish, but the coded products encapsulate the ‘4 Pillars of Hair Architecture: ‘Derma’ for a healthy scalp; ‘Fibra’ to reconstruct hair fibre and protect from exposure; ‘Extra’ for deep hair transformation and ‘Forma’ to support the natural moisture, texture and shape of hair.


We know that the client experience is the most important part of a salon visit so Wella has made the consultation stage more convenient by offering iPad consultations, meaning we can source your unique EnergyCode from the comfort of the salon chair and match a product to suit your type - Genius!

We’d love to show you the new range, so if you’d like to discover your EnergyCode then why not book in for a consultation and we’ll help you find your perfect match.    

Content Manager •
03 February 2017

Maybe you’re whisking your loved one away this Valentine’s Day or simply seeking some inspiration for the perfect gift to treat your loved one.

Whatever your plans this February, we’ve got you covered, read on for our ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide…


 ghd air professional hairdryer & V platinum styler gift set - £163.00

ghd air professional hairdryer & V styler gift set 

If you’ve planned a romantic dinner for two then this sleek and stylish ghd set will ensure your date’s evening gets off to the perfect start.

Featuring the award-winning ghd professional styler and powerful salon-standard hairdryer, this gorgeous duo offers minimal frizz and a sleek finish for a look that will last long into the night.

The stylish set, which includes a copper luxe heat mat, is a thoughtful gift that will impress and keep you in their heart long after the Valentine's Day fizz has been enjoyed.


Moroccanoil mini kits – hydration, volume, repair and smooth – from £24

 Moroccanoil Mini Kit Stack

Maybe you’ve booked a surprise mini-break for your loved one and want to ensure that hair and beauty worries don’t spoil the fun – the Moroccanoil mini kit has you covered.

These lovely little gift boxes come with a shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment that are suitable for a variety of hair types. 

All products are 100ml or less each making them perfect to travel with and their handy size makes them ideal for popping in a handbag for romantic day trips.


ghd curve tong premium gift set - £80.00

 GHD curve tong premium gift set

If your lady’s been thinking of trying a killer new look that’s a real head-turner then ghd’s curve tong premium gift set will really heat up your Valentine’s night.

The soft curl tong features a large 32mm barrel that’s ideal for creating soft tumbling curls and root volume. Cutting-edge technology helps to deliver constant, optimum heat throughout the length of the barrel so it’s kinder to hair, locking in beautiful curls that will last all night and ensure that your date’s memories live long beyond February.


TIGI Man On. - £9.95

Tigi Man On 


If socks or aftershave have been overdone and you fancy buying your other half something different this Valentine’s Day then for a daily fix that will last longer than Cupid, this TIGI duo offers ultimate cleansing capabilities, invigorating the scalp with a refreshing peppermint aroma.

Ideal for removing hair wax and clay build up this shampoo and conditioner duo is gentle enough for daily softening and moisturising.


Wynne & Wynne Gift Card - £50.00




Still not sure what to buy? If you want to give your Valentine the ultimate treat this February then why not purchase some vouchers and book them an appointment with us?

From styling and colouring to haircuts and highlights we’ll offer a tailored pampering session that will deliver an experience for your loved one to remember for Valentine’s Days to come.

Give us a call to see how we can help, or pop in for a voucher - we’ll happily play Cupid for you this Valentine’s Day.


Content Manager •
01 January 2017

Plenty of gorgeous hair colour trends emerged in 2016, and we’ve chosen our top five to give you some inspiration for the year ahead.

Besides, what’s a season change without freshening up those pesky roots or trying something new?


1) Ombré

This colouring technique is all about subtle blending for a soft and natural look - no matter what your hair colour is. It can also be used for bright and bold colours if you’re feeling brave!


 Ombre 1Ombre 1


Why you’ll love it…

 Ombré continues to be a popular choice for those wanting a low maintenance colour. Roots don’t need regular touch ups and it’s a great place to start if you’ve never had colouring before.



2) Ice Queen

This type of blonde involves taking light tones above and beyond. A toner is key to keep brassy yellow and orange tones at bay for a bright and shiny colour. 




Why you’ll love it…

 Lots of celebrities have rocked this chic look including Taylor Swift and Rita Ora. Thanks to Olaplex and its damage reducing properties, we can achieve platinum blondes with confidence. 



3) Rich reds 

There are so many different shades of red that we’ve lost count! From copper to golden auburn, red is a lot more versatile than you might think. 


 Rich Reds


Why you’ll love it…

If you’re looking to add warmth to your natural colour or spice up brunette tresses, then there is a hue for you! With so many options available, we can help you find a colour to suit your skin tone.

Our celeb inspiration is Emma Stone. She’s gone from a subtle strawberry blonde to a fiery redhead, proving that there is much more to red than meets the eye.  


 Red 2



4) Colour Trip 

Our stylists enjoyed getting creative with TIGI Professional Colour Trip last month. We absolutely love the deep blues and electric violets. It’s set to be a colourful year, so why not give it a try?


Cat Coloured  Hidden Colours


 Why you’ll love it…

There’s a wide range of colours to choose from if you’re after the ‘wow’ factor. But, there are also plenty of options for more ‘hidden’ styles.

Rainbow hair trends are taking the industry by storm and a few of our stylists have already brightened up their look!


Rainbow Hair



5) Balayage

This freehand technique continues to be a favourite for many of our clients. Colour is painted straight onto the hair for a soft blend of colours while avoiding the roots.




Why you’ll love it…

It works for all hair colours whether you want rich caramel tones, golden blondes or even a hint of pink.  Like ombré, it is low maintenance as the ‘sweeping’ technique helps to disguise roots once hair starts to grow.



Caring for coloured hair

Our stylists have chosen a few must-have products…


1)   Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo


Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo


Coloured hair is more prone to breakage and looking after your hair starts with proper cleansing.

Opt for sulphate-free and colour-safe products such as this moisturising shampoo. It’s packed with keratin, fatty acids and argan oil to help repair dry and over-processed hair.



2)   Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask


Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 


The treatment reconstructs hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments. It has argan oil, shea butter and essential proteins to repair from the inside out. Use once a week for best results.

Investing in a high-performance mask will make a big difference in between your colour services!



3)   Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray


Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray 


This nourishing spray protects against harmful environmental elements including the sun, salt water and chlorine.

Even in the winter, hair still needs to be protected from UV rays to avoid damage and fading.

Spray around 25cm away from your hair as the finishing touch to any style for gloss and shine. Allow the product to set for a few minutes and you’re good to go!

If you’re thinking about colouring your hair, then pop into the salon for a free consultation or call 740401 for expert advice.


We’d like to wish all of our clients a very Happy New Year and a good hair day all year round! x

Content Manager •
08 December 2016

There’s something for everyone at Wynne & Wynne this festive season.

Struggling to get through your Christmas shopping list? Or maybe you want to add a few things to your own wish list? (Guilty!)

Then check out some of these fabulous gift sets available at the salon…

* For the party lover *

Moroccanoil Gift of Beautiful Hair Volume - £41.45

moroccanoil gift

What’s in it?

- Root Boost Spray

- Luminous Hairspray Strong

- Moroccanoil Treatment

This gift set is perfect for taking hair to new heights! In three steps hair will go from flat and frizzy to big and beautiful.

It includes a popular award-winning product: Moroccanoil Treatment to add shine and give hair a smooth and healthy appearance.

* For the man in your life *

TIGI Man On Shampoo & Conditioner - £9.95

This TIGI duo cleanses hair and invigorates the scalp with a refreshing peppermint scent.

Hair wax and clay can result in build up so the shampoo is ideal for removing build-up.

The conditioner is gentle enough for daily use to soften and moisturise.

* For the bright and bold *

TIGI Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner - £11.95

TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner - £10.95

Anyone with coloured hair will love the TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess kit. The shampoo and conditioner repair damage thanks to nourishing oils and vitamins.

Low-sulphate ingredients protect colour and nourish tresses.

Coloured hair can become dry, so the Oatmeal & Honey Kit infused with acacia honey will help to smooth, repair and recover. Hair is left feeling soft and silky – a must for chemically treated hair.

* For the love of your life *

Ghd air professional hairdryer & V gold styler gift set - £163.00

This stunning copper set by ghd is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

Ceramic heat technology creates styles that last while the professional dryer minimises frizz for a sleek finish.

The set includes a handy heat mat.

* For the frequent flyer *

Moroccanoil mini kits – hydration, volume, repair and smooth – from £24

These lovely little gift boxes come with a shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment for a variety of hair types

All products are 100ml or less each making them perfect to travel with.

The mini Moroccanoil treatment is also perfect to pop in handbags.

* For your best gal pal *

Sebastian Penetraitt gift set - £32.80


You can’t go wrong with a hint of pink!

Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner work hard to strengthen hair that has been damaged from colouring, chemical treatments and styling tools.

The mini Volupt Spray is used on damp hair before drying for volume and bounce. Perfect before a girly night out.

From desk to dancefloor - top tips!


It’s Friday and your colleagues are heading out for some festive drinks straight after work. 5pm hits and you realise that you need to do something with your mane – and fast!

Here are a few tips to make sure that you’re prepared…

- Tis’ the season to be jolly, so the chances of spontaneous dinner dates and a few drinks are high. Keep some bobby pins and a hairbrush (or comb) in your desk drawer for last minute styling.

- If you’ve set a plan in the morning, why not do some quick braids? Come the end of the day, take them out, give your hair a shake and apply some dry shampoo for volume. Loose waves = done!

- Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is one of the handiest products out there and it’s our, ‘go to’ when washing isn't an option. Revitalize your roots, blast away any oil and add some volume.

- Switch up your part to add a bit more, ‘oomph’ to your hair. If you’ve got time you can always lightly dampen your roots, move your hair to the opposite side and quickly blast under a hand dryer.

- Invest in a 25ml Moroccanoil Treatment to keep in your handbag. Use a very small amount at any time to smooth dry ends and frizz. Simply rub between your palms and apply sparingly.

- Use fabric hair ties and keep your ponytail loose if you normally have your hair up in the day. This will help to avoid the dreaded hair dent.

- Hairspray is a must. We love Catwalk by Tigi’s Your Highness Firm Hold spray. It smells amazing and will protect your finished style from static and frizz. A quick spray, and you’re good to go.


We love this easy ‘desk to diva’ tutorial by ghd…


Content Manager •
02 November 2016

It’s getting colder and we’re already digging out our favourite wooly jumpers, bobbly hats and thick scarves.

But what does the weather mean for your hair?

Frizz, split ends, breakage and dryness? Not with these top tips from the Wynne & Wynne team:

1) Make sure that you’re using a hair mask at least once a week. We love Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. It only takes five minutes to nourish medium to thick hair.

There’s also a light version for finer hair types in need of some TLC.  

How to: Shampoo as normal then apply your mask to towel-dried hair focusing on mid lengths and ends. Gently comb through and leave on for 5 -7 minutes. Leave on for longer if you’ve got some time to sit back and relax. Make sure you rinse thoroughly.

For even deeper conditioning, try wrapping your hair in a warm towel, shower cap or cling film! 


2) As tempting as it is when you’re in a rush, avoid going outside with wet hair. Damp hair + cold weather = breakage. Hair is in its most fragile state at this point so give yourself time to blow dry or let it dry naturally before you head out.

3) Invest in an Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment here at the salon. You don’t need to have your hair coloured to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary product.

If your hair is looking frazzled from colouring, styling or the cold weather, this treatment will repair and strengthen strands from within.


4) Give Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment a try. You can use it at home once a month to maintain the results from your Stand Alone Treatment in between salon visits.

We’ve seen some incredible results here at Wynne & Wynne thanks to Olaplex’s ability to repair the hair shaft. Take a look at this amazing transformation...



How to: Apply to clean towel-dried hair. Use a generous amount and gently comb through. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes but the longer the better. We recommend using a hair towel wrap, leave the treatment on overnight and thoroughly rinse out in the morning. 

5) Hats are great for keeping us warm and cosy, but they’re not so great for our hair.

To avoid flat, static and messy hair, try Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. The spray’s magic ingredient of rice starch will come to your rescue to absorb unwanted grease and revitalise roots.  

There’s an option for both light and dark tones so it’s ideal for refreshing your colour in between services.


6) If you’re prone to scalp irritation – especially during the winter months – then use Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment. This product is great for relieving a dry, flaky and tight scalp.

How to: Apply 3 – 6 drops of the treatment onto the scalp. Gently massage and leave on for 5 -10 minutes to nourish and soothe. Comb through before rinsing followed by your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Opt for lukewarm showers as long hot showers can further aggravate your scalp.  


7) If it’s been 6 – 8 weeks since your last haircut then pop in for a trim. Regular cuts will keep your hair healthy and strong.  


8) Handle with care! Take the time to detangle your hair properly and don’t be rough. Tangle Teezer works well on all hair types for quick and pain-free detangling. 

9) Wash your hair less often to stop it from drying out. Washing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils and we recommend washing every 2 – 3 days. Use a dry shampoo in between washes if needed.

10) Avoid washing hair with water that is too hot - use lukewarm water. A quick rinse with cold water will seal cuticles and add shine!


We hope these tips help to keep your tresses healthy and strong this winter!

If you’d like to find out more about any of the products mentioned in this post then pop in and see us or call 740401. 

Content Manager •
30 September 2016

Some of the biggest fashion events in New York, Milan, Paris and London gave us a sneak peak into the fashion and beauty trends for season Spring/Summer 2017.

Brand new collections were debuted on the LFW catwalk from well-known designers including Mulberry, Burberry and Jasper Conran.

This year, we saw no shortage of khaki greens, stripes and a range of colours.

We’ve already started making room in our wardrobes for the beautiful clothes coming our way but we’re most excited about some of the backstage hairstyling.

These key fashion events are all about expressing artistic flair, creativity and individuality – something that we encourage at Wynne & Wynne.

Here are some of our favourite British hair trends and a few tips on how to achieve them at home... 

The middle part – Burberry 

The middle part doesn’t suit everyone and tends to flatter those with round and oval shaped faces. Here are a few ways to rock the look...

  • The braided middle part

We saw models from Emilia Wickstead and Thornton Bregazzi’s shows incorporating braids of all shapes and sizes at LFW. 

Top tip: Hair that is prone to flyaways will prove problematic when you’re trying to achieve smooth and even braids. Try Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse in wet hair to hold and control flyaways. Once dry, use a light spray of Luminous Hairspray as the finishing touch.

  • The low ponytail 


Top tip: Try Moroccanoil Treatment Original (or Light for finer hair types) to tame frizz and nourish those pesky split ends. Apply a small amount of this little miracle to towel-dried hair before drying and straightening to nourish and condition.

  • Middle part with extra volume

Top tip: We recommend using Moroccanoil Root Boost Spray if you’re after volume that lasts. 

Spray a generous amount on towel-dried roots. Blow-dry your hair in sections lifting up and away from the scalp using your hairbrush. Voila!

Subtle waves – Temperley London 


Alice Temperley MBE has been a big name in the fashion industry since she founded her brand back in 2000.

Her Spring/Summer 2017 collection was bursting with colour complemented by models with beachy boho waves – always a hot look for summer.

Top tip: Avoid using products that will weigh the hair down. For bounce and flexibility, apply a pump of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream to damp hair. Loosely braid or twist hair in sections. Skip blow-drying for a natural look without frizz thanks to the smoothing formula. 

Sleek and smart – Roksanda 

Roksanda’s bold collection made a real statement at LFW perfectly paired with equally bold hairstyles. This sleek look is loved by celebs including Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld.

But how do you achieve sleek minus grease?

Top tip: Use Moroccanoil Styling Gel before blow-drying for a soft yet sleek finish. Concentrate on the roots to mid lengths when applying. 

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26 August 2016

Our ‘Freedom’ themed photoshoot at Cobo Community Centre in Guernsey gave the salon’s team a chance to work with hair in a whole new way. No rules and no restrictions!

Stylists and apprentices in training were able to push the boundaries and discover exciting new techniques using different tools and products.

‘For the professional development of a hair stylist, it’s really important that you are given opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Trying new things gives confidence when it comes to everyday hair styling.

As well as encouraging individual creativity, it was great to see our stylists working together. We’re a very collaborative team always looking to helping each other grow and develop.’ – Tammi Ozanne, Director.

Here’s a sneak peak into the some of the team’s favourite tools and products used to create the looks…


ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

This is one of the most versatile hair styling tools out there as it’s perfect for all hair types. Its tri-zone technology’s six sensors for even heat distribution seals cuticles and reduces damage. What else makes this wand so magical? Long lasting curls of all shapes and sizes - quickly and easily! From tight curls to loose waves, our stylists were able to create a wide range of styles.  

Fabulous curls at home

Fancy trying out some relaxed beach waves before the end of summer? Check out this short tutorial by ghd!


Tigi Catwalk Root Boost Spray

‘This spray was incredibly popular as it allowed our stylists to transform flat hair and keep it firmly in place. It really does last so aside from the photoshoot, it’s also perfect for a night out. It smells great too!’ – Tammi Ozanne, Director.

How to use: Shake well. Section off dry hair, spray onto roots and blow dry for volume and lift.   

Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hairspray

‘A lot of people worry that sprays like this will make their hair look greasy and crunchy, but this one is the complete opposite. It’s extremely lightweight but don’t be fooled as it still works hard to keep unruly hair under control!’ – Lisa Williamson, Top Stylist.

How to use: Shake well. Spray onto dry hair and reapply during styling for maximum hold.

MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine

‘I think what’s so great about this product is that a little goes a very long way. It gives hair incredible gloss and shine, which you can really see in the photos.’ – Roxy Barry, Top Stylist.

How to use: After styling, spray onto dry hair from a distance of approximately 10 inches (25cm) and allow product to set for a few minutes. Can also be used before sun exposure to protect hair from UV damage.  

Wella LuxeOil

‘A lot of us used this product on wet hair before drying and heat styling as it gives moisture and protection. This is one of our most popular products in general at the salon as it leaves damaged hair looking healthy and soft.’ – Emma Mansfield, Senior Stylist.

How to use: Apply a few pumps to the mid lengths and ends of wet hair avoiding roots. Dry / style as normal.

Beyond the hair

Our photoshoot would not have been possible without our beautiful models and the help of local makeup artist Sophie Turvey. Thank you all!

We’d also like to thank filming & editing guru James Harrison and Nick Despres for his stunning photography.

Here are the final masterpieces…

Don’t forget…

Have you picked up your copy of GSYLife’s August / September 2016 issue? Our photoshoot is featured from pages 52 – 60 and you can also check out some of the ‘behind the scenes’ snaps!

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20 June 2016

Next month, Guernsey girl Jessamy Baudains will be tying the knot with her fiancée Dave and we’re delighted to be part of their special day! Wynne & Wynne will be styling our lovely bride’s hair along with her five bridesmaids.

The morning of a wedding can be a stressful time and any bride wants the ceremony (and the celebrations!) to run as smoothly as possible.

A bad hair day at your wedding is quite simply not an option and that’s where we come in. Our stylists have a wealth of experience in every aspect of wedding hair from making sure those curls stay in place to keeping frizz at bay so you can dance the night away. 

We’d like to thank Jessamy for choosing us and we look forward to creating the perfect styles for her summer wedding. Check out Jessamy’s blog and her latest lifestyle post with top tips on how to plan your big day with as little stress as possible! 

Looking for inspiration? 

New York International Bridal Week will take place in October and we're already seeing designers accompany their stunning designs with dainty accessories and wavy hairstyles. Here are a few of our favourite styles - perfect for a summer wedding:

How do I book my wedding?

We offer bespoke wedding packages and a free consultation! Simply call 740401 or email for more information.

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18 May 2016

Last month the salon was rebranded as Wynne and Wynne and it was a huge success thanks to the support of our fabulous clients  and hardworking staff. Our experienced team look forward to welcoming new and existing clients to our little santuary in the heart of St Peter Port, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the W&W experience.

To celebrate this exciting news, we ran a competition that invited the public to nominate a loved one to win our 'Cut Above The Rest Award' - a year's worth of wash, cut and blow drys for a caring and selfless individual.  Runners up prizes included a Wella SP LuxeOil hamper and £50 W&W vouchers. The competition was launched on our refreshed Facebook page and website with five very happy winners announced on Island FM!

Christine Bisson was presented with the 'Cut Above the Rest Award' after being nominated by 4 of her loved ones; Joss Bisson, Ali Bisson, Kirstie Tanner and Melanie Bisson.

We'd also like to congratulate Janet Wallis who won our second prize hamper and voucher and our third prize winners Hazel Piriou, Stella Tippett and Naomi Tulie who were each given a £50 W&W voucher.

Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest from Wynne and Wynne.

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16 May 2015
Introducing Olaplex


“One Ingredient changes everything.”


Wynne & Wynne are proud to be amongst the first in the UK and Channel Islands to launch Olaplex as a new in salon service.

This revolutionary new colour upgrade service has become a sensation amongst Hollywood’s ‘A’ celebrities and across the world.


“The Holy Grail for Hair Colour”


“If a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair, that’d really be something.”  These were the thoughts of Dean Cristal, founder of Olaplex when conceiving the scientific solution for this new Wonder Product.

With Dean’s and his scientists discovery, Hair Colouring, may never been the same again…so here’s what Olaplex does:

Olaplex helps rebuild the broken di-sulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools. Di-sulphide bonds are the bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair.


Use Olaplex as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair.

This chemistry has never been seen before and opens up brand new possibilities in hairdressing colour variations.

Seeing ….and Feeling is believing.

U.S. Patent applied for.

For more information speak to one of our knowledgable team or see

Salon Only Olaplex, now available at Wynne & Wynne

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15 May 2014
The Crowning Glory Blow Dry

Introducing The Crowning Glory Blow Dry.Looking for something a little more then just a regular blow dry? Why not book yourself in for a Wynne and Wynne Blow Dry. To achieve incredible volume and movement we start with a big and bouncy blow dry then let the curl set to perfection.Prices starting from £45.00. Book yours today!

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16 November 2013

How do you get your hair so big?

It's a safe bet that most of you, in an attempt to create volume and lift in the hair, will be hanging upside down with a hair dryer in a desperate search for big hair! However, it's not so much about what you do (although a good blowdry technique is always an added bonus) it's what you use to do it! The prep of the hair is so important, just like when you prep your skin for a foundation, you need to have applied the right products to your hair If you are to have that 'glossy, red carpet, up all night' look!

So here's how to do it:

1. Always shampoo the hair with a volume builder. We suggest Sebastian Volupt shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is amazing and the conditioner is rich enough to make the hair glow with shine but light enough to keep that 'full' effect.

2. Apply 2 or 3 pumps of Sebastian Thickefier to sections of the hair starting in the nape and working up the head.

3. Section the hair again from the nape working upwards and spray Volupt Bodyfying spray into the roots and mid lengths. Comb, blend and start to rough dry until around 70 % of the hair is dry, lifting hair at the roots with fingers as you go.

4. Take your large round brush and section the hair again starting at the nape in around 2 inch sections depending on hair thickness. MoroccanOil have an amazing set of brushes which should live on every woman's dressing table. Using the hair dryer, roll the hair around the brush until dry. When it is dry, wrap the hair around the brush again and roll up towards the roots and heat with the dryer. Let cool for a few seconds, take the hair from the brush and pin the hair for more structured waves if you desire. Continue all the way up the back of the head and then into the sides.

5. To create lots of lift at the parting and crown, take a rectangular section from the front to the crown. Over direct the first section forward and then roll the hair up into the round brush. Again, heat and then cool before taking out and twisting to one side. Continue back to the crown.

6. Switch your hair dryer to a cool setting and blow all the hair back, working your fingers through it. This is where you can throw your head around a little to get lots of air into it.

7. Finish with a finishing spray like Sebastian Zero Gravity.

Looking gorgeous, you are ready to party. That hair ain't letting you down!