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17 March 2017
❄️Icy blondes❄️

This colour is very sort after but there are a few things that are good to know before you go ahead, here are our top tips:

1) Condition is the most important thing
Although we now have incredible products such as Olaplex to help us achieve these beautiful colours whilst strengthening your hair, we still take great care deciding if this look is right for your hair condition. 

2) Home care is a must
A previous link we shared showed the difference between professional hair care vs drugstore products and it's quite shocking, it wouldn't take long for your pretty blonde to be washed down the drain so professional products are a must! 

3) Your natural hair colour
The darker your natural hair the more difficult this is to achieve, certainly on one sitting anyway, so take into consideration the cost to achieve this look. 

4) Previously coloured hair
Any previous colour on the hair can also affect the steps needed to get you to an icy blonde which may require more than one appointment, always have a consultation before beginning treatment to discuss the steps you will need to take

5) Maintenance
It's worth noting that it can be pretty high maintenance keeping the icy look so you may need to involve a toner in between appointments.

So lots to think about before you decide on this colour!
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