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01 March 2017
Beautiful hair ‘Decoded’ with Wella Salon Professional

Here at Wynne & Wynne we pride ourselves on getting to know the unique needs of every client.


We understand that everyone has their own style and needs a personalised service that suits their individual hair type. A big part of our job is keeping up to speed with the latest trends and products hitting the market so that we can share these with our clients - and keep you looking fabulous!


Earlier this month, we were pleased to catch up with our Wella Rep, Geni, who introduced us to some fab new additions to their System Professional collection. The range has been around since the 70s, so you might say it’s pretty iconic, but they’re always keen to innovate and every training session brings us something new.


This month’s focus was all about the science of haircare, although there was no need to don our white coats! Inspired by molecular skin care, Wella’s scientists have discovered that each person's hair has a unique energy profile, which they call EnergyCode. By balancing ingredients in specifically targeted concentrations throughout the System Professional range, Wella has been able to offer a deeper level of hair technology so that, whatever your problem area, hair is transformed and re-energised by matching its code to the right product.


Not only is the new packaging super stylish, but the coded products encapsulate the ‘4 Pillars of Hair Architecture: ‘Derma’ for a healthy scalp; ‘Fibra’ to reconstruct hair fibre and protect from exposure; ‘Extra’ for deep hair transformation and ‘Forma’ to support the natural moisture, texture and shape of hair.


We know that the client experience is the most important part of a salon visit so Wella has made the consultation stage more convenient by offering iPad consultations, meaning we can source your unique EnergyCode from the comfort of the salon chair and match a product to suit your type - Genius!

We’d love to show you the new range, so if you’d like to discover your EnergyCode then why not book in for a consultation and we’ll help you find your perfect match.