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04 June 2018
Bridal Bootcamp for your Hair

‘Every bride is beautiful; it’s like newborn babies or puppies they can’t help it.’

- Emme Rollins -


Wedding season is in full swing, as seen by the recent Royal wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

We think we can all agree that Meghan looked beautiful, with her luscious locks beautifully swept into a simple up-do.

When it comes to wedding hair, having your tresses perfectly prepped and cared for is key to achieving gorgeous, shiny photo-worthy hair.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a heads up on the prep work you might want to consider whether you are one month or one week away from your big day.


One Month To Go:

Texture Control 

If your hair is naturally frizzy and unruly, schedule an in-salon keratin smoothing treatment.

This chemical treatment will help to tame your tresses making styling for your big day easier, bye-bye flyaway strands! By having this a month ahead, your hair’s texture will be under control but won’t fall flat on the day.

As an added bonus, with Keratin treatments lasting between three and six months, it’ll be easier to maintain your mane on honeymoon!


Two Week Countdown:

What does your hair need? 

Your hair's needs will depend on the style you are going to be sporting as you sashay down the aisle.

If you are going for an up-do, skip the at-home hair treatments. It is much easier to work with hair that is slightly more textured, and that hasn’t been overly conditioned. However if you think your hair needs a little extra oomph, we have some gorgeous volume cream treatments available.

Going in the opposite direction and wearing your hair down or half-up? Then you will want to stock up on the conditioner, hair masks and oils to ensure your strands look as healthy as possible. If you really want to spoil your hair then you can always book in for an in-salon deep conditioning treatment, it is your wedding after all!


Colour Touch Up

You may think getting your colour redone two weeks before the big day is a bit too far in advance, but getting it touched up then will allow the dye to settle in, while still looking fresh a couple of weeks later.

You will have already sorted out what shade works best for you with your stylist, and probably have a colour you always have and love, stick with it as you need to be feeling your gorgeous, confident self.

Don’t be tempted by big colour changes now! Whether it’s a root touch up, balayage refresh or a set of subtle highlights, your hair will be given a new lease of life. 

If you don’t have your hair coloured, don’t worry we have a clear gloss treatment, which will give your hair that extra shine without additional tone from a colour treatment. You will still need to have a skin patch test 48 hours prior.


The Final Countdown, One Week to Go:

Trim it, don’t cut it!

Just like your colour, we would never recommend a drastic hair change in the final run-up to a wedding.

Emotions are running high, as are stress levels, the smallest of things could set off a full-on bridal meltdown. However to ensure there are no pesky split ends threatening to cause hair chaos, head in to see your trusted stylist for a light trimming of the ends and fringe.