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14 December 2017
Four ways to Sparkle this Christmas
‘She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne.’
- Kate Spade -


If there was ever a time to spray the glitter in the name of glamour, Christmas and New Year is it. Whether you are applying a light dusting to your face or donning your favourite sequinned number; a bit of glitz is the perfect way to complete your party look.
The question is how do you go about applying it to your hair, and more importantly getting it out the next day? Luckily Santa’s Little Helper is here to give you a little glitter-guidance to ensure you shine this festive period.
Glitter Essentials:
  • Glitter(s) of choice
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairspray
  • Gel
  • Flat paintbrush


  1. Prep your hair with a light spritzing of dry shampoo but don’t comb out, as this will stop the glitter from getting stuck to your scalp. Just use a little amount so it isn’t too noticeable, don’t worry it will be covered by the sparkles.
  2. Part/style your hair as planned.
  3. Spray the intended glitter zone with two or three rounds of hairspray.
  4. Using a flat brush, mix about a teaspoon of glitter with a dab of your hair gel.
  5. Apply to the hair being sure not to work it into the strands, instead try to pat it on. This will make it easier to layer up the look if needed and less hassle to wash out.
  6. Let the gel dry and repeat if you need a bit more glitter magic.
  7. Once happy, seal it with a bit of hairspray and you are ready to go shimmy.


  1. Separate the glittered strands from the rest of your hair and apply conditioner.
  2. Comb through with a fine tooth comb and rinse - you may have to repeat this depending on the amount of glitter involved.
  3. Wash hair as normal.


Seeing as it is Christmas we thought we’d also give you four scintillating ideas to inspire you to embrace the shimmer. After all, 'tis the season to sparkle!
Starry Night
Don’t want to commit to the mess that accompanies full-on glitter? Go for some star confetti sprinkled in your hair and held in place with hairspray.


Show Pony
For a sophisticated sparkle update on a classic style; simply coat the tip of your ponytail with glitter or a metallic hair paint.


Gilded Beauty
Give a gentle nod to this dazzling trend by painting your parting gold. This dainty touch of glitz will add shine to your mane and is sure to catch admiring glances from party-goers.


Radiant Roots
Glitter roots have been a big trend throughout 2017, so what better hairstyle to see in the New Year?
How close to full-on glitter ball you go, is firmly in your hands with this look. For a more intense result, layer up your glitter or use a high pigment glitter. Don’t feel you have to stick with just the roots, you can also extend the glitter down through sections of your hair.