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29 October 2018

‘If you’ve got it, haunt it!’

- Unknown -

Halloween, you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it gives you a great excuse to go wild with your hair!

Let’s be honest more often than not it’s the hair that makes or breaks the costume, and while some require a wig others can be done at home.

From mesmerising mermaid to pillaging pirate, unique unicorn to dazzling dragon, here is a collection of hairstyles that will put the treat in trick or treat this Halloween.



Enchantress, mermaids or sirens of the sea, there’s something magical and slightly sinister about these mythical sea dwellers especially at this time of year.


1. Take a tail comb and split your hair into three sections; divided from the top of each temple backwards.

2. Start with the middle (top) section and work into a dutch braid, weaving your tresses from the front of your head back to the crown, securing with a small elastic. Repeat this with the two remaining sections.

3. Volumous, dare we say wild, beach hair is a must for this look, so tease a few wisps out of the braids to stop them looking too ‘done’.

4. For the rest of your loose tendrils, big is best. Give them a spritz with sea salt texturising spray and work through with your fingers. If you need a bit more oomph, get out the curlers and add a few waves.

5. Obviously, no mermaid or siren would be complete without a healthy dose of shimmer! So grab a couple different shades of hair glitter and get creative.


 Unicorn Magic

In recent years, the mystical magic of the unicorn has lured everyone in and we don’t care whether they actually exist because they are fabulous and make for a great Halloween look.

1.Create a triangular section at the front of your head. Taking sections from your temples and gathering to a point at your crown.

2. Tie this section into a pony and secure with an elastic towards the front of your head.

3. Take the tail and wrap around the elastic a couple of times securing with a few bobby pins, also give it a healthy mist of hairspray for good measure.

4. Taking the rest of the tail in hand, start to work into a horn shape, spraying with hairspray as you go to keep it in place.

5. For extra security, bend a kirby grip into a hook to keep it in place. Then give a final spray of hairspray for maximum hold.

6. Scoop the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, wrapping a strand around the elastic to disguise it.

7. Add a few curls to create movement and spray with a pastel coloured hairspray.


Pirate’s Life

If you don’t fancy yourself as Ariel? Then, why not go for more of a Jack Sparrow vibe with this pirate look? It’s all about texture.

1. Start by spraying your wet locks with a sea salt texture spray to create that windswept, sea air, just stepped off your ship vibe.

2. Blow-dry your hair using your fingers to scrunch as you go to keep it unpolished. You’re aiming for a slightly messy look.

3. Time to backcomb. Take small sections, backcombing the roots then smoothing back over.

4. Take a random section of hair and weave into a standard three-strand braid, backcombing the end to secure it in place.

5. Grab another section and work into a fishtail braid, again backcombing the end.

6. For the final braid, plait some hair into a rope braid by splitting the hair into two parts and wrap around each other before backcombing to secure.

7. Create a final classic three-strand plait, but stop halfway down the length of the hair and tie in a loose knot.

8. Grab that trusty hairspray and spritz your plaits before loosening up with your fingers for that lived-in look. Lift the roots and give a spray to create volume.


 Daring Dragon

Is your best friend going as the Mother of Dragons this Halloween? Why not rock this style and go as one of her dragons?

1. Begin with sectioning your hair into three pieces, keeping the segments as neat as possible.

2. Back to braiding; take your pick from either a French or a Dutch plait. Start at the front of your hairline and work to the back of your head, securing with an elastic at the nape of your neck for each section.

3. You will be left with three ponytails, divide these in half and plait each one as normal, stopping halfway down and securing with more elastics.

4. Time to sparkle! Grab yourself some glitter and work into the partings between the braids, while you’re at it why not add some to the ends as well!


Tip: a Dutch braid will sit higher off the head and can be styled to create volume, a french braid will sit tighter against the scalp and give a neater finish.