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06 April 2018
How to Save your Hair from Yourself

‘Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.’

- Unknown -


We love our hair, after all, it is the crown we never take off; we wash it, condition it, brush it, style it and colour it to name a few preening activities. Before we know it, our hair starts to show signs of damage, everything from frizziness and thinning to dullness and split ends.


Unbeknown to most of us, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to hair damage. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you could be troubling your tresses and how you can rectify them.


Save the Suds


Your hair only needs to be washed as often as is absolutely necessary, which tends to be every two to three days; any more often than that and you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural protective oils.


Obviously, if you work out a lot, you may well feel the need to wash your hair more frequently. If this is the case rinse, your hair with water, scrub your scalp and condition the ends. Of course, dry shampoo is always an option for a quick freshen up.


Condition Deeply


Treating our tresses to a nourishing mask is a step that many of us skip. Just because we say it’s a treat doesn’t mean you should only do it once a month. Much like you might have a cheat day of the week where you overindulge, be sure to do the same for your hair.


It is pretty much a given that if you have colour-treated hair, you should be applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will not only help to seal in your colour, but also protect it from further damage and give it a healthy glow.


The Brush Off


You’ve just stepped out of the shower, you’re in a hurry, and you need to detangle your hair; naturally, you reach for your hairbrush - stop! Wet hair is a lot weaker than dry hair, so it must be treated carefully, dragging a brush through it is going to do more harm than good.


One solution to this is to brush your dry hair ahead of washing to remove some of the tangles and air out your roots. Alternatively, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your strands following your shower. Be sure to start at the ends working out the knots on your way up to the root.


Can’t Stand the Heat


Another step that often gets skipped when it comes to styling hair is the use of heat protection products. Just like you wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, go out in the hot summer sun without suncream on; you should avoid using hot styling tools without first protecting your hair.


A heat protection spray proactively protects your hair from heat damage while sealing in shine, calming frizz and stopping your hair from overly drying out.


All Tied Up


Tying your hair up is inevitable, whether it's for the gym, an event or just to keep it out of the way, so we aren’t going to tell you not to do it. What we will say is do everything in moderation and be smart about it.


Continually tying your hair up in the same place weakens the area where the elastic goes and can cause breakage. Switch it up sometimes, maybe go for a top knot or loose side plait instead of your usual high pony.


The same goes for when you’re in bed, many of us like to wear our hair up and out of the way, especially in the summer months. If so, swap your usual everyday hairband for a loose scrunchie or wrap your hair in a silk bandana.