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18 July 2018
Love Island Hairspiration

‘If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.’

- Iris Apfel -


Let’s face it; Love Island has had most of the nation glued to their TV for the last few weeks, we all love the trials and tribulations the Islanders go through.

However, there is another reason to tune in, and that is to see what the glamorous girls are up to style-wise. We want to see what they are wearing from their bikinis to their blusher and their high heels to their hairstyles; they are providing women with this year’s summer style inspiration.

Check out our tips on how to achieve some of our favourite hairstyles for yourself:


Messy Bun Fun

We love that effortless fail-safe look that can take you from the boardroom to the bar on a Friday.

Start by prepping your hair with a volumising product such as Tigi Bedhead big volume boosting mousse before blow-drying.

Bundle your tresses up into a high pony, on the final loop of your hair elastic pull hair halfway through then secure with those elusive bobby pins.

Finally, tease out a couple of tendrils around your hairline to soften the look.

Take a look at the style here



Make it Bounce

Fancy leaving your luscious locks down and free? Why not try polished bouncy curls for a healthy dose of glamour.

As we know, it’s all about the preparation, so massage in some Sebastian Professional Dark Oil which will give your hair extra hold and shine. Alternatively, if your hair does not hold curls at all use a little Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel for a look that holds!

Once blow-dried start taking large sections of hair (about one inch) and wrap around a big barrel curling wand, or use your straighteners if you prefer.

Give your curls a little mist of hairspray to stop them from dropping out.

Take a look at the style here



Flak Attack - Beach Waves

Caroline Flak’s classic beachy waves hairstyle always looks effortlessly chic and is the style most women want to emulate throughout the summer.

For this, you are going to need to use Tigi Catwalk root boost spray on your wet hair to give it a little extra oomph and a stronger hold before you blow-dry.

Then take your choice of curling wand or straighteners to create a loose wave being sure to leave the ends straight to give a more relaxed look. Once the curls have completely cooled, give your head a little shake or lightly tease your fingers through to break them up before setting with a spritz of hairspray.

Take a look at the style here.



Pimped up Ponytail

This look works on any hair texture.

If you are starting with freshly washed hair add in a little Moroccanoil Root Boost, to give a little grip to your hair.

Take a section running from the hairline to the crown about four inches wide. Tie the rest of your hair up at the nape of your neck, to keep it out of the way while you braid.

Now it’s time to get plaiting; a German braid works best for this look as it stands out.

Separate your hair into three sections, starting at the hairline working backwards. Think of this method as an inverted French braid, weave the left piece of hair under the centre followed by weaving the right piece under the centre. Pick up pieces of hair from your section as you go along, stopping at the crown.

Secure your plait with an elastic.

Remove your low pony, and sweep your hair up into mid to high ponytail and secure.

 Take a look at the style here.



Half-Up with Braid

Want to keep the hair off your face in the heat, but still keep some of your locks flowing around your shoulders? This is the look for you.

Again, if you are starting with wet hair, work in some of that Sebastian Professional Volupt spray to give it a little oomph.

Start by parting your hair in the centre, then take two sections, one from either side of your parting.

Weave each section into German braids, using the method above, stopping at your crown.

Scoop up the top half of your hair and work into a messy bun.

 Take a look at the style here.



Double Trouble - French Braid

We all have those days when we wake up late and don’t have time to wash and blow-dry our hair, or don’t feel emotionally prepared to do so! This is the perfect look for such times as it works best on day-old hair.

However, if you are working with silky, soft, clean hair work in some texturising product into wet hair such as Sebastian Professional Volupt spray.

For this style, you have a choice of a German braid as before, or for a change of pace, you could try a French plait.

Split your hair in a centre parting and get braiding!

For a French plait, you will do the reverse of a German braid, starting at your hairline take three pieces of hair weaving the left over the centre followed by the right; as you move down collect small sections of hair on each side.

Secure with a band at the nape of the neck.

 Take a look at the style here. 



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