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16 November 2013

How do you get your hair so big?

It's a safe bet that most of you, in an attempt to create volume and lift in the hair, will be hanging upside down with a hair dryer in a desperate search for big hair! However, it's not so much about what you do (although a good blowdry technique is always an added bonus) it's what you use to do it! The prep of the hair is so important, just like when you prep your skin for a foundation, you need to have applied the right products to your hair If you are to have that 'glossy, red carpet, up all night' look!

So here's how to do it:

1. Always shampoo the hair with a volume builder. We suggest Sebastian Volupt shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is amazing and the conditioner is rich enough to make the hair glow with shine but light enough to keep that 'full' effect.

2. Apply 2 or 3 pumps of Sebastian Thickefier to sections of the hair starting in the nape and working up the head.

3. Section the hair again from the nape working upwards and spray Volupt Bodyfying spray into the roots and mid lengths. Comb, blend and start to rough dry until around 70 % of the hair is dry, lifting hair at the roots with fingers as you go.

4. Take your large round brush and section the hair again starting at the nape in around 2 inch sections depending on hair thickness. MoroccanOil have an amazing set of brushes which should live on every woman's dressing table. Using the hair dryer, roll the hair around the brush until dry. When it is dry, wrap the hair around the brush again and roll up towards the roots and heat with the dryer. Let cool for a few seconds, take the hair from the brush and pin the hair for more structured waves if you desire. Continue all the way up the back of the head and then into the sides.

5. To create lots of lift at the parting and crown, take a rectangular section from the front to the crown. Over direct the first section forward and then roll the hair up into the round brush. Again, heat and then cool before taking out and twisting to one side. Continue back to the crown.

6. Switch your hair dryer to a cool setting and blow all the hair back, working your fingers through it. This is where you can throw your head around a little to get lots of air into it.

7. Finish with a finishing spray like Sebastian Zero Gravity.

Looking gorgeous, you are ready to party. That hair ain't letting you down!