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Wynne & Wynne offer you their expertise in hair extensions using the Hairdreams system. Hairdreams provide quality human hair that has been ethically sourced. They prepare only the finest hair for use in the salon. Hairdreams strands are pre-bonded making the extension process quicker and cleaner to apply, and the nylon bonds are smaller, neater and stronger than many other rival systems. Hair is available in many shades so that the technician can produce perfect matches with the clients own hair. A thorough suitability consultation with a highly trained technician is the first step to the hair of your dreams!

The Laserbeam Nano System

Hairdreams has achieved yet again a technological quantum leap in the art of making hair longer and fuller with the new Laserbeamer Nano System. The integration of the additional hair, sets new benchmarks. The process is distinctively faster, neater and above all, the hair is more easily managed. Unlike other common hair extension system, the fully automatic method does not require any after application of correction. Each bond is perfectly formed, better than how the most experienced hair extension specialists could do by hand.

Being the first and more importantly most experienced salon on the island supplying this particular service, we have a preferential rate for the Hairdreams hair products thus can offer the best rates on island. Wynne and Wynne pass this preferential rate directly to you our valued clients.

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Hairdreams Hair Extensions