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Moroccanoil has become one of the most popular haircare products available. Using argan oil it delivers amazing results the very first time you use it. The Moroccanoil range is a haircare senstation amongst celebrities, session stylists and women all over the world. The success is due to the high quality product that nourishes and moisturises your hair whilst also eliminating frizz. The argan oil is extracted from the argan tree, which only grows in Southwest Morocco, and is the key ingredient throughout the range. Moroccanoil have perfected their formulas to include solutions for every hair type. The formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny, but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger and more lustrous with each application.

The original oil treatment is a top seller and it's effects are enhanced when used with Moroccanoil shampoos and conditioners. Moroccanoil have two luxurious conditioning treatments to restore and hydrate your hair. Let their rich scent invigorate you as they deliver astonishing results. The Luminous Hairspray will give moveable hold without leaving sticky residue, and the ultra fine mist will lock down moisture and guard the hair from humidity. Its beautiful fragrance will finish your Moroccanoil experience.